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Asphalt – Outreach Youth Work

[aspHALT] – mobile Jugendarbeit” (Outreach Youth Work), located in Johann-Offner-Straße 11, 9400 Wolfsberg, is a non-profit- organisation, which is financed by the Austrian Federal Land Carinthia as well as the city of Wolfsberg and can therefore offer its services freely. It was founded in 2008 and its target group are young people aged between 12 and 24 years, who have problems in school, at work, with their parents, friends or with authorities. The aim of this organisation is to stabilize and improve the physical and mental health condition or the social situation of the youngsters through individual case work, social group work, community work and street work. In addition to that the organisation offers support (e. g. for application forms), basic care (showering, food) and the utilization of the infrastructure (PC, premises). Moreover, relationship building and crisis intervention are two other fields of activity. Important principles of this organisation are voluntariness, anonymity and confidentiality, which means that the approach to this organisation by the adolescents is voluntary and optional, that no information about them will be given to authorities without their agreement and all data is treated confidentially. Asphalt provides a flexible, low-threshold service, so the adolescents can meet the social workers in their familiar environment (on the streets, in a café, in the office and so on) and can come to them in every condition. The youngsters choose on their own, how long they utilise the facilities of Asphalt.