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Integration of the Roma minority into society in Slovakia by the Roma Spirit project activities

The Roma Spirit project is aimed at supporting active efforts of all those involved in improving the situation of the Roma minority "in the country of appreciation". The aim of the project is to create a tradition of appreciating work for the Roma community, to provide a public platform for presenting positive real benefits and thus to bring to the general public the activity of organizations and individuals aimed at supporting the integration of the Roma minority into society and improving life situation of Roma people.

Roma issues have a broad dimension and interfere with the social sphere, education, health care and employment. The aim of the project is promoting and presenting project activities that support the integration of Roma and bring effective solutions of the Roma community's problems. Appreciation and presentation of positive examples are also motivational for others who want to be engaged in projects that provide a comprehensive and long-term solution to issues related to the Roma community and are an inspiration to all who decide to actively participate in solving the Roma issue and significantly influence public opinion.